Why study here

Our Faculty and Research

The Department of Anthropology has strong faculty members who are conducting research at the forefront of their specializations. Our Faculty members conduct research across the 4-fields around the world; they have received numerous research grants to support their work and their graduate students. The University of Alberta is ranked in the top five of Canadian universities and one of the top 100 worldwide and has the second-largest research library system in Canada.


Our Community

In addition to the Department of Anthropology's research base and faculty expertise, our students enjoy an engaging University Campus, with hundreds of active student groups, student services ranging from academic support to health and wellness as well as events throughout the year. The Association of Graduate Anthropology Students hosts the annual Frucht Memorial Lecture Series and Student Conference as well as the Fringe Friday Lecture Series. The Association has other events throughout the year for the anthropology graduate students.
The Department of Anthropology fosters close connections particularly among members of the Alberta anthropology community.

Our City

Edmonton has a population of approximately one million people. It is also known for festivals throughout the year including the Fringe Theater Festival, Street Performers, and Folk Music Festival to just name a few. The Edmonton River Valley is the largest urban park in Canada, providing access to parks, trails and attraction facilities for both summer and winter sports and recreation.

Why UAlberta?