Adjunct Professors

Alwynne Beaudoin

Curator, Quaternary Environments
Royal Alberta Museum

Ave Dersch
Kate Kingsbury

Social and cultural anthropology, religion, alterity, gender, youth, performance, West Africa, Mouridiyya, politics, modernity and globalisation, ontological anthropology, symbolic anthropology, existential anthropology, material culture, post-modernism

Sara Komarnisky
Research Chair, Health and Community, Aurora College, Chief Drygeese Territory, Yellowknife, Canada
Social and cultural anthropology of North America: Colonialism, Globalization, Health, Material culture, Migration, Mobility, Transnationalism, Ethnography, Qualitative methods, Community-driven research
Leslie Main Johnson

Northern and Northwest Coast ethnography, ethnobiology, ethnoecology, ethnomedicine, traditional knowledge, material culture, and collaborative research methods

Pamela Mayne Correia

Applied forensic anthropology; trauma, cremated human remains; human identification problems, bone curatorial issues. Current research: bone diagenesis, including fungal, heat and traumatic damage

Karyne Rabey

Division of Anatomy, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicince and Dentistry

Elizabeth Sawchuk

Bioarchaeology; sub-Saharan Africa; food production; dental anthropology; biodistance; Holocene climate change; mortuary archaeology; mobility; pastoralism; ancient DNA; ethics

Heather Young-Leslie

Senior Research Partner for the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation Liaison, Research Impact Canada; Member, Anthropologica Open Access Working Group. Medical anthropology, feminist anthropology, development studies, knowledge mobilization, Oceania.