Archaeology Prep Lab

Tory 1-27

  • storage
  • database management for collection


Note that all remains pictured are casts and not real.

Archaeology Collection and Archaeology Teaching Lab

Tory 1-28

  • Teaching cast material of Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Plains, Eastern woodland, and Arctic stone and bone tools (casts and replicas)
  • Don Crabtree stone tool replicated material
  • Ami Collection (European)
  • Various surface collections, Including South America, Central America, North America
  • Experimental stone tools with associated video and documentation
  • Flintknapping materials
  • Microwear reference collection

Bioarchaeology Lab (Biohazard Lab Level II)

SAB 5-58 (South Academic Building )

  • Biohazard cabinet
  • Fume hood
  • Thin section saw and polisher
  • Leica SP16000 Saw Microtome
  • Large boiling pot and exhaust vent
  • Drying oven and muffle furnace
  • Sinks and stainless steel surfaces for dissection
  • Freezers
  • Dissecting supplies

Biological Anthropology Lab

Tory 1-33

  • Osteological equipment: osteometric boards, calipers, mandibulometer, anthropometers, tapes, magnifying lights and glasses, X-ray light table
  • Storage space for field collections

Digital Imaging Lab

Tory 1-36
  • Cameras, hi res camcorder, commercial video editing, video recorders
  • Drafting/light table, drafting supplies and tools
  • Presentations: digital projector and lab top computer
  • Digital graphics: graphics workstation with flat top and slide scanners, zip drive, CD writer, film printer

Geoarchaeology (Wet) Lab

Tory B-21

  • Wet lab and drying space
  • Some temporary storage for field samples

Photography Lab

Tory B-11A

  • Copystands and lights

  • Darkroom processing for black and white film