Art & Design

Research and Centres

Incubator for Northern Design and Innovation

The Incubator for Northern Design and Innovation (INDI) encourages and promotes provocative ideas and multilateral exchanges to foster the growth of projects and resources through social-cultural collaborations by, for, and with northern peoples.

Mactaggart Art Collection

The Mactaggart Art Collection is composed of more than 1000 rare works of art, including textiles, costumes, paintings, handscrolls, albums, engravings, and other artifacts from ancient and modern East Asia.

Print Study Centre

The Print Study Centre is an interactive facility for teaching, research, and community outreach related to our print collection.

The print collection includes:

  • Historical and contemporary Japanese, contemporary Canadian, and contemporary eastern European prints;
  • A selection of print portfolios by single and grouped artists; and
  • The body of works by University of Alberta printmaking students and instructors.

Printmaking: A Centre of Research Excellence

The Printmaking area of the Department of Art & Design has achieved an international reputation as one of the outstanding places in North America to study graphic art. This reputation is based not only on recognition of the creative work of the Printmaking faculty members and their graduate students, but also on the state-of-the-art technical facilities that support their research and creative work.

The Research-Creation and Social Justice CoLABoratory

The Research-Creation and Social Justice CoLABoratory is made up of an interdisciplinary group of researchers from across the University of Alberta’s many faculties, as well as a select group of national and international researchers. The cluster’s 2016-2017 research theme is "arts and the anthropocene."