Welcome from the Chair of Art & Design

Welcome to the Department of Art & Design, one of the oldest departments in Canada devoted to the study of both the practice and the history of the visual arts and design!

The Department of Art & Design traces its history back to 1945, when the University of Alberta established the first fine arts department in the Province. Visual arts, music, and drama were housed in a single department, the Department of Fine Arts, under the leadership of painter Henry G. Glyde.

Today, we see the University instrumental as an ideal matrix to provide flexible programs of academic studies to all our disciplines.

Our Design programs draw on the private sector to provide students with practical experiences through a work-placement program. Our Fine Arts programs have strong ties to public and artist-run galleries and institutions within the community and beyond, which expand the breadth of students' university experience. The History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture brings these units together, providing the historical, theoretical, and critical framework for understanding these fields and their impact on society.

Your financial support ensures that students have access to the resources that give them the best education possible. With the costs of education rising and the number of students growing, your investment in our students' provides them the opportunity to pursue their passions and take their achievements out into the world. Your gift can be directed toward any number of different areas, from support for student scholarships to the purchase of new state-of-the art equipment. Every dollar makes a difference and we deeply appreciate all contributions.

For more information or to plan your gift, please contact me at (780) 492.4583 or gajewski@ualberta.ca.

Cezary Gajewski
Chair, Department of Art & Design
Associate Professor, Design Studies