Graduate Student Work

Kyle Appelt, Pilgrimage, 2016, film still

Carson Wronko, Moloo Chair, 2017, wood

Rebecca Thera, Within and Without, 2018, digital print on aluminum, 32 x 31 inches

Miriam Rudolph (in collaboration with Terry Hildebrand), Seeds of Hope, 2017, intaglio, porcelain, top soil, seeds, 120 x 96 inches

Andrew Hellmund, Ascendance, 2016, recycled steel, 10.5 x 5 x 5 feet

Angela Marino, Embrace the other, the first encounter, 2017, acrylic paint, gel transfer, 215.5cm x 213.5cm

Angela Snieder,Diorama III, 2016, photopolymer print, chine collé, 22 x 33 inches

TJ McLachlan, A Central Perspective, 2016, plywood, steel, laminate, urethane, silicone, paper, dimensions variable

Jonathan Green, Outlier Spaces: Obstructions, 2016, Intaglio on digital print, 16 x 24 inches