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Xi Jin: Breakdown, Mistake, Discontinuity

Xi Jin exhibition invite

Exhibition: June 8–July 9, 2021

Visiting FAB Gallery is by appointment only. Contact FAB Gallery at gallery@ualberta.ca to book an appointment.

Xi Jin’s print-based, multi-media practice utilizes breakdown as a method, mistakes as experience, and degrades the complexity and continuity of language to uncover its strange black shapes, its poetry, its embeddedness in the everyday and its strangeness as well.

No matter what imagery she uses in her work, it explores how we jump out of the manipulation of language we live in, sometimes just its form, sometimes its meaning. It is as linguist Noam Chomsky proposes, that “some random mutation took place, maybe after some strange cosmic ray shower, and it reorganized the brain, implanting a language organ in an otherwise primate brain.” She thinks she may be involved in a strange space, imitating these evolutionary processes, and resetting what and how language represents.

The exhibition is made up of three print-based installations that the artist has been working on over the last two years.. This exhibition is the final visual presentation for the degree of Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking.

Holly de Moissac: Grafting Shadows

Holly de Moissac exhibition invite

Exhibition: June 15–July 7, 2021

Visiting FAB Gallery is by appointment only. Contact FAB Gallery at gallery@ualberta.ca to book an appointment.

At the edge of awareness, quiet disturbances remake the world: a stray spark meets the forest, precious helium leaks from a cast-off balloon, a seed crosses oceans on the sole of a shoe. In our fleeting bodies, pain and experience ripple toward the brain in feedback loops—we too are transformed, prepared for uncertain futures as soft disasters teach survival to the mind.

Grafting Shadows employs disturbance as the ghost-writer of the global ecology, telling stories shaped by the vast potentials of discomfort and disaster to both disrupt and strengthen systems of life. These immersive installations and printed works draw close to sites of ecological disconnection, imagining embodied environments where vulnerability is productive, change is desirable, and resilience is essential to our collective survival.

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Visiting FAB Gallery is by appointment only. Contact FAB Gallery at gallery@ualberta.ca to book an appointment during gallery hours, Wednesday–Friday from 12:00pm to 4:00pm. If you are unable to visit FAB Gallery during regular hours, we may be able to make accommodations.

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About FAB Gallery

Since 1987, the Fine Arts Building Galley has presented art and design exhibitions that benefit the University of Alberta, Edmonton, the Province, and beyond. These exhibitions feature work by students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, faculty and staff, as well as by contemporary and historical artists with national and international reputations. FAB Gallery exhibitions-featuring both in-house curated exhibitions as well travelling exhibitions organized by other galleries and academic centres-attract approximately 13,000 guests a year to the Department of Art & Design.

The gallery is a valuable teaching resource, providing many Department of Art & Design students with their first opportunities to present their work publicly. Public presentation of work prepares students for involvement in the professional art and design community and increases students' awareness of the dialogue that accompanies the public presentation of their works. As the most public face of the Department of Art & Design, the Fine Arts Building Gallery provides Edmonton and the wider community with an aesthetically enriching and intellectually engaging resource in the visual arts.


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