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Jack Damer & Lyndal Osborne: Obscure Objects of Desire

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Exhibition: January 19—February 11, 2022

Obscure Objects of Desire presents a double career survey of two notable North American print artists and educators, both of whom have pushed beyond traditional notions of printmaking into the intersections of photography, drawing, and sculptural installation.

What Damer finds in close observation of mechanical parts Osborne has found through an ongoing engagement with the land she lives on.

Attention to the natural and the human come together in this exhibit—a chance to see two artists question what worlds we inherit, what worlds we are willing to inhabit, and what worlds we will leave behind.

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Since 1987, the Fine Arts Building Galley has presented art and design exhibitions that benefit the University of Alberta, Edmonton, the Province, and beyond. These exhibitions feature work by students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, faculty and staff, as well as by contemporary and historical artists with national and international reputations. FAB Gallery exhibitions-featuring both in-house curated exhibitions as well travelling exhibitions organized by other galleries and academic centres-attract approximately 13,000 guests a year to the Department of Art & Design.

The gallery is a valuable teaching resource, providing many Department of Art & Design students with their first opportunities to present their work publicly. Public presentation of work prepares students for involvement in the professional art and design community and increases students' awareness of the dialogue that accompanies the public presentation of their works. As the most public face of the Department of Art & Design, the Fine Arts Building Gallery provides Edmonton and the wider community with an aesthetically enriching and intellectually engaging resource in the visual arts.


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