Minors (Various Degrees)

Drawing/Media Arts work by Micheal Cor (BFA '10) displayed in the Fine Arts Building

The Department of Art & Design offers the chance for students in various degree programs to declare a minor in either Art & Design or the History of Art, Design and Visual Culture (HADVC).

Bachelor of Arts (BA) program

Art & Design Minor Requirements

A minor in Art and Design requires a minimum of *12 to a maximum of *42 at the senior level, of which at least *6 must be at the 300- or 400-level. These courses may be any combination of ART and/or DES and/or HADVC courses. Students who minor in Art and Design may not major in History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture.

HADVC Minor Requirements

A minor requires a minimum of *12 to a maximum of *42 HADVC at the senior level, with at least *6 at the 300 or 400-level. Students who wish to major or minor in History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture should take HADVC 100 in first year. Students who minor in History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture may not major in Art and Design.

Edmonton Chair designed by Shuhao Yu for Industrial Design

Bachelor of Education (BEd) Program

Art Minor

A BEd Art minor requires 18* including:

  • ART 134 and DES 135
  • HADVC 100 and HADVC 2xx or HADVC 206 and 256
  • 6* chosen from EDES 402 (Art Camp), HECOL 250, or ART, DES, or HADVC

Other Degree Programs

Students in other degree program such as the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Commerce program wishing to minor in Art & Design or HADVC should contact their advisor in their own Faculty to see if this is possible. In such cases, the student's own Faculty may have additional requirements in addition to those set out by the Faculty of Arts.

BSc Art & Design minors need at least 24* of ART/DES/HADVC courses, whereas BA Art & Design minors only need at least 18*.