Proseminars FALL 2019 Friday morning sessions

Proseminars FALL 2019 Special Wednesday afternoon sessions open to undergraduates

The proseminars are organized by Lisa Claypool, Associate Chair of Graduate Studies and Research


ART/DES 630 Seminar in Related Disciplines: From Critique to Criticality

*3 (Fall term) Friday 11:00-1:50
Instructor: Natalie Loveless

This course is required by all MFA and MDes, first-year students in the department of Art and Design.

What modes of knowing are facilitated by the complex intersections of art and design research? This question has increasingly found itself at the center of contemporary research on and through art and design practice, with numerous books, exhibitions, articles and journals devoted to it. This course will examine contemporary debates in art and design research and education, as well as the impact of such debates on contemporary practices and scholarship from an integrated and exploratory perspective. Outputs will include presentation of readings, presentation of work in progress, and a mandatory "research-creation" assignment tailored to students’ own practices. This assignment will support students in approaching art and design history and theory through their practice and work towards generating research tools that support their ongoing MDes and MFA studies.

Design Graduate Courses

DES 600 Concepts, Analysis and Criticism in Design I
*3 [fi 6] (fall term, 0-6L-0)

DES 601 Concepts, Analysis and Criticism in Design II
*3 [fi 6] (winter term, 0-6L-0)

DES 601 is a project-based course dedicated to introducing students to research and practice methods. Running concurrently to DES 681 this class will share numerous practices and methods but focus on more tangible designed artifacts. Prerequisite(s) Restricted to MDes students and consent of the department.

DES 680 Theory and Research in Design Studies I
*3 [fi 6] (fall term, 0-3s-0)

DES 680 is one of the core graduate courses for Design Studies in the first term of the Master of Design program. In this course, you will: be introduced to a wide range of theories and methods of inquiry and research in design studies; study the relationships between research and design processes; and explore new areas for investigation and development in design research and practice. Prerequisite(s) Restricted to MDes students and consent of the department.

DES 681 Theory and Research in Design Studies II
*3 [fi 6] (winter term, 0-3s-0)

DES 683 Seminar on Design Issues
*3 (fi 6) (either term, 0-3s-0)

Contemporary design issues in the fields of theory, criticism, history, professional practice and social concerns. Restricted to Master of Design students. Prerequisite: Consent of Department.

DES 685 Special Topics in Design Studies
*3 [fi 6] (either term, 0-3s-0)