Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies

From the Director

In the past twenty years, since Ukraine’s independence in 1991, CIUS has been encountering new challenges of a global and local nature.

The political map of Europe has been changing since the collapse of the Communist system and in response to globalization processes; the borders of new national states and the outlines of new integrative political projects are becoming more visible.

The make-up and profile of the Ukrainian-Canadian community, leaders of which initiated the establishment of CIUS about 40 years ago, are changing; along with a new succession of generations, a new wave of cultural assimilation is taking place.

The Humanities are changing under the impact of new intellectual, informational, and technological challenges; today, the Humanities all over the world are facing institutional and methodological crises.

The status and the mandate of CIUS are also changing: the process of its integration into the University’s environment entails a re-focusing of its educational as well as its scholarly activity. Read more.


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