Augustana Miquelon Lake Research Station

About Us

The Augustana Miquelon Lake Research Station (AMLRS) is the University of Alberta, Augustana Faculty’s field research station. It was built in the spring of 2015 and contains both residence and laboratory space for research and education purposes.

Our small station is nestled in the quiet beauty of Miquelon Lake Provincial Park (MLPP) in Alberta’s east-central region. The location is a place of unique ecological, cultural, and social ecotones, and thus offers many unique opportunities for station users. The area around Miquelon Lake contains a high level of biodiversity and geologically unique features. While being located within a protected area, the station is surrounded by a variety of rural land uses including agriculture, residences, and oil and gas. The park also receives high usage from several nearby urban centres. All of these factors lead to a complex and dynamic setting for research and learning.

This station is a significant resource for researchers and educators to work collaboratively on natural history, natural resource management, and the intersections between human activities and the natural environment.

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A student conducting field research
Photo: Glynnis Hood
Photo of a beaver house reflected in still water
A sunset near Miquelon Lake
Photo: Dee Patriquin