Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Operations Management

How many express checkout lines should a supermarket have? How can you make a car sharing service work? After a snowstorm, which city roads should be plowed first? Should a fast food restaurant have one line or multiple lines for customers waiting to order? All of these questions are about Operations Management (OM). Operations Management professionals provide a critical function for organizations, analyzing data and behaviour to optimize processes, manage resources, and improve profitability and service.

In studying Operations Management, you’ll learn to use computer models, mathematics, process analysis, and business analytics to interpret data and make business decisions. You’ll also develop  analytical and problem solving skills that are useful in a wide variety of everyday situations, learning to ask "how," "why," and "why not" to find the most efficient answers to seemingly complicated questions. Understanding OM makes a manager in any area of business a stronger asset. OM graduates often pursue careers as operations managers, supply chain managers, consultants, and business analysts.