Resources for Teaching and Learning

Since its establishment, ULEC has supported the development of Ukrainian-English bilingual education and teaching Ukrainian as a second language.

In partnership with Alberta Education, ULEC develops print and digital learning resources. Its major publishing project has been the Nova: Ukrainian-Language Development Series for grades one through six of Ukrainian Bilingual Programs. Other resources involve Tut i Tam, Collage, and Budmo series as well as a number of enrichment resources.

As a founding member of the Ukrainian Knowledge Internet Portal Consortium Association (UKiP-CA) ULEC has helped develop, an internet portal of language and cultural resources designed for students, teachers, and parents.

For learners and teachers of Ukrainian, ULEC maintains a library of over 7000 print, film, audio and visual materials.

As a part of its mandate, ULEC also undertakes research on issues of Ukrainian language learning and teaching. The findings are reported at major Canadian and international conferences, and published in leading scholarly journals in the field of language pedagogy.