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The Ukrainian Language Education Centre develops, publishes, and promotes resource materials for primary and secondary level teachers and students that support Ukrainian language learning.

In conjunction with partners, classroom materials are available for all grade levels, K-12:

  • K, Grades 1-6
  • Grades 7-9
  • Grades 10-12

K, Grades 1-6

Program Resources

Nova: A Ukrainian Language Development Series

Nova covers

Nova is a complete set of classroom resources designed for use in Grades 1-6. Primarily used for Ukrainian Bilingual Programs, the resources have been adapted for other language programs.

«Тут і Там» (Tut i tam) series

tut i am series covers

ULEC reprints the «Тут і там» (Tut i tam) series of readers and workbooks. Created in 1977, the Tut i Tam series was developed for use by students with an existing familiarity in Ukrainian.

  • Тут і там (Here and There)
  • Друзі (Friends)
  • Школа (School)
  • Пригоди (Adventures)
  • Казки (Stories)
  • Ходіть зі мною! (Come with Me!)
  • Наші скарби (Our Treasures)

Enrichment Resources

Enrichment Resources covers

  • Мій найкращий словник (2-ге видання) (Best Word Book Ever, 2nd Edition)
  • Резерва Сарсі (Sarcee Reserve)
  • Срібні нитки (Silver Threads)
  • Досить (Enough)

Grades 7-9

Program Resources

Серія «Коляж» (Collage Series)

Collage series covers

A collection of readers and activity books intended for middle school students.

  • Коляж 1 (Collage 1)
    • Kонфлікти (Conflict)
    • Надзвичайні люди, надзвичайні події (Deeds and Doers)
    • Рішення (Decisions)
    • Як було колись (In Days Gone By)
  • Коляж 2 (Collage 2)
    • Взаємини між людьми (Relationships)
    • Людська вдача (Human Nature)
    • Хоробрість (Courage)
    • Цікавитись незнаним (Fascination with the Unknown)
  • Коляж 3 (Collage 3)
    • Два шляхи (Two Paths)
    • І сміх, і плач (Laughter and Tears)
    • Уяви собі... (Just Imagine...)
    • Цікаве (It's Interesting)

Enrichment Resources

  • Шалена ніч (Wild Night)
  • Втеча (Takeoff)

Grades 10-12

Program Resources

Серія «Будьмо!» (Budmo Series)

The Budmo Series are FREE downloadable teacher and student resources for Ukrainian language development at the high school level.

Each level includes Teacher's Unit Planning Material, Student Learning Activities, and a Language Toolbox.

  • Будьмо собою! -- Level 10 resources
  • Будьмо разом! -- Level 20 resources
  • Будьмо завжди! -- Level 30 resources

Free Download

Enrichment Resources

  • Семестр у Львові (Semester in Lviv)
  • Перша зірка (First Star)

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