Enrichment Resources

ULEC publishes a number of supplementary titles to help enrich the classroom. Titles include:

Grades 1-3
Мій найкращий словник (2-ге видання) (Best Word Book Ever, 2nd Edition)
Резерва Сарсі (Sarcee Reserve)

Grades 4-6
Срібні нитки (Silver Threads)
Досить (Enough)

Grades 7-12
Шалена ніч (Wild Night)
Втеча (Takeoff)

Grades 10-12
Семестр у Львові (Semester in Lviv)
Перша зірка (First Star)

Best Word Book CoverМій найкращий словник (2-ге видання)

Best Word Book Ever (2nd Edition)

Order ID: AM1BW/0
79 pages; hardcover; full colour throughout; LARGE 10.5" x 12" format

«Мій найкращий словник» is a unique Ukrainian version of Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever - possibly the most popular children's book in the world! Produced and technically edited by Canadian language experts, it includes 1,500 commonly used words appearing each in Ukrainian, English, and French.

Its large format (10.5" x 12") and whimsical illustrations are sure to please young language learners. Extensive vocabulary makes this a wonderful addition for home or classroom.

Sarcee ReserveРезерва Сарсі

Sarcee Reserve

Order ID: AM1SR/0 (ISBN 1-895850-16-9)
72 pages; softcover; full colour throughout; 8.5" x 10"

Corallee Starlight and her family introduce the reader to life on a Indian Reserve in a direct, considerate manner. With beautiful and original photography, maps, and charts, each page is sure to encourage skill building and interactive learning about life in a community.

This full-colour textbook is produced in Ukrainian for the Social Studies curriculum. It can also be used for independent reading or "oral literature" in Grades 1-3.

The book and its Teacher's Guide were originally published as Sarcee Reserve: An Indian Community by Reidmore Books, Edmonton, Alberta.

Silver ThreadsСрібні нитки

Silver Threads

Written by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch
Illustrated by Michael Martchenko
Order ID: AM1ST/0 (ISBN 1-895380-88-X)
32 pages; hardcover; full colour throughout; 10.5" x 8.25"
Read aloud book for advanced beginners. Independent reading for intermediate students

«Срібні нитки» is a magical story of Anna and Ivan, two young newlyweds who escape poverty and hardship in Ukraine to start a new life in the Canadian frontier. As they struggle to build their homestead, World War I breaks out and when Ivan volunteers to fight for his new homeland, tragedy strikes. While Anna works and waits alone, hope comes from an unexpected source.

Based on true events, Срібні нитки is a stirring lesson in history and a heartwarming tale of love and faith.

Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch was inspired to write Срібні нитки because her own grandfather was one of the thousands of people interned in World War I as an enemy alien. She lives in Brantford, Ontario, with her husband and son.

Michael Martchenko is a renowned children's illustrator and author, best known for his work with Robert Munsch. He has won several awards including the Ruth Schwartz Award (1986) for Children's Book Illustration.

Enough Cover imageДосить


Written by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch
Illustrated by Michael Martchenko
Order ID: AM1EN/0 (ISBN 1-895380-29-4)
32 pages; hardcover; full colour throughout; 9.5" x 10.25"
Read aloud book for advanced beginners. Independent reading for intermediate students

This story, set during the Famine of the 1930s, tells of a young girl's attempts to save her village from starvation. Marusia's ingenuity gives her the opportunity to go on a magical journey to the North American Prairies to find more food for her village. Generosity triumphs over greed in this spirited Ukrainian folktale.

Wild Night coverШалена ніч

Wild Night

Written by Martin Godfry
Order ID: AM1WN/0 (ISBN 1-895380-86-3)
68 pages; 5" x 8"; softcover; black line; saddle stitch

Tony is the night clerk at a 7-Eleven store in Victoria, BC. His evening becomes chaotic as he faces one frantic encounter after another.

This Ukrainian-language book is a high interest, low vocabulary novel designed for the adolescent reluctant reader. It can be used as "oral literature", for a novel study or independent reading at the junior high school and senior high school level.

Teachers are advised to read the book to determine the suitability of the subject matter for their students.

Originally published as Wild Night in English by Collier Macmillan Canada, Inc., Don Mills, Ontario.

Semester in LvivСеместр у Львові

Semester in Lviv

Order ID: AM1SL/0 (ISBN 1-895380-90-1)
56 pages; 10" x 8"; 2 colour; softcover; saddle stitch

The book describes the adventures and impressions of a young Ukrainian Canadian who goes to the unknown land of her ancestors to make up her own mind about modern Ukraine. Семестр у Львові provides us with a glimpse of the country today, reflecting changes that occurred in the past hundred years. Through Maria's eyes the reader can see the streets of Ukrainian cities, places of interest, university life, and student activities. With her work, the author tries to build a bridge from Lviv to Edmonton, overcoming the gap between two different cultures - "Ukrainianism" in Diaspora and "Ukrainianism" in the Fatherland. Maria's experience as depicted in the book brings up a completely new view of Ukraine breaking a lot of traditional perceptions and stereotypes. Maria expressed her intention having said that "I wanted each side to be able to comprehend the other a little bit better".

Larissa Kachmar, Maria's sister, worked on the project with her. Larissa's visualization and design of the book enhanced it enormously. Orest Soltykevych, in a radio interview with Maria, pointed out that even if you do not speak Ukrainian, "the book is worth buying just for the pictures".

More information about Maria Kachmar and Семестр у Львові can be found at: www.ualberta.ca/ulec/kachmar. It contains details about the author and designer, discussion club, and features a glossary to the book.

For intermediate language learners high school and older.

First Star CoverПерша зірка

First Star

Order ID: AM1FS/0 (ISBN 1-895380-59-6)
60 pages; 5.5" x 8.5"; softcover; coil bound; 2 colour

An excellent handbook of over 90 Ukrainian Christmas and New Year wishes that is a must have for carolers, those who wish to write their own Ukrainian Christmas cards and those who are looking for ways of expressing best wishes on Ukrainian New Year. Collected in Ukraine, Canada, and U.S., traditional wishes are enriched with ones created in North America.