Nova Program

What is Nova?

Nova is a series of materials (for both students and teachers) designed to help children learn Ukrainian as a second-language in the most effective way possible. Different levels accomodate different levels of learning (Nova 1 roughly corresponds to a beginner in Grade 1 while Nova 3 is suitable for a Grade 3 classroom). Each Nova level contains its own Teacher's Guide, Student Readers and a wealth of other material that the teacher can 'mix-and-match' to fit in with the classroom.

Why is Nova better?

Nova is the result of years of research and classroom development. When you use Nova you are using a system that has been created by and improved on by bilingual teaching professionals just like yourself. Nova is based on current theoretical research and has been tested in the field by real-world teachers.

What are the Nova components?

Each level of Nova contains a series of unique components designed to target specific classroom objectives. Used as a whole they provide a complete and flexible method of Ukrainian language instruction:

  • Dialogues and Echo-Acting Routines
    The core of the Nova program. Extensively illustrated theme-driven texts engage students in simple and practical conversations while developing developing sequencing and processing skills.
  • Teacher's Guide
    Your introduction to the Nova program. A detailed introduction to the philosophy and methodology of Nova complete with instructions on how to use the materials.
  • Teacher's Unit Preparation Book
    Organize your classroom. Contains additional materials and techniques for the preparation of daily lesson plans. Includes black-line copy masters and supplementary activities.
  • Song Book and Song CDs
    Enrich your students' Ukrainian experience with a variety of lively and catchy songs, both traditional and contemporary.
  • Poems and Rebus Readings
    Decorate your classroom with a delightful array of poems, songs, and stories in rebus format (combining pictures with print).
  • Gameboards
    Engage students in a group activity that lets children match word cards with corresponding pictures.
  • Readers
    Develop students reading skills. Each level of Nova features a series of books targeting the student.