Clinical Trials

Cross Cancer Institute Clinical Trial Unit (CCI CTU)

The mission of the CCI CTU is to initiate and conduct clinical trials that improve the lives of current and future cancer patients. The CCI CTU has more than 60 qualified investigators across multiple health disciplines, employs 56 clinical trial nurses and clinical trial co-ordinators with tumor group specific expertise and has an efficient administrative core funded by the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

The CCI CTU places more than 600 people with cancer on new cancer treatments (the highest per capita accrual in Canada), including local investigator initiated studies and first in human drug testing. We contribute to many practice-changing global studies and save the Alberta health care system nearly $10M CND in drug costs every year.

The Investigator Initiated Trial Program (IITP)

As part of the CRINA network, the Pre-Phase 1 Cancer Program (PP1P) at the Cross Cancer Institute (CCI) assists investigators in transitioning their research from the lab to the clinic. The Investigator Initiated Trial Program (IITP), also housed at the CCI, was started in 2013 as a way to help talented researchers navigate the clinical trial process. Through the program, researchers can take a project they're passionate about from the conception and planning stages to the final trial stage. These types of clinical trials are designed by investigators who are on the front lines of cancer research, working in the lab and interacting with patients. Often larger organizations or pharmaceutical companies aren't willing to take the risk on these types of investigator-initiated projects, but they frequently have an enormous potential to impact patients.

Clinical trials are an integral step in translating research from the bench to the bedside of patients. The innovative research being tested can also provide hope for patients who may not otherwise have treatment options. The Clinical Trial Unit at the CCI places over 600 cancer patients per year on new treatments, which is the highest per capita accrual in Canada.

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