Research Day

CRINA Research Days is May 19 to 21, 2021! Held virtually this year it will showcase the collaborative and innovative cancer research happening in Northern Alberta.

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Along with keynote presentations from four international leaders in cancer research, there will be sessions highlighting specific areas: Genomic Stability, Cardio-Oncology, Breast Cancer, and Metabolism. Attendees are able to register separately for certain keynote talks (registration links below), although registration for CRINA Research Days 2021 provides access to all talks. For talk summaries and a full schedule, please visit CRINA Research Days 2021.


Guy Poirier, "The Emergence of PARP as a Major Target in Cancer Treatment"

Geeta Gulati, "The Novelty of Cardio-Oncology — Where Are We and Future Perspectives"

Andrew Ewald, "Cellular Strategies and Molecular Mechanisms of Breast Cancer Metastasis"

Russell Jones, "Metabolic Plasticity of T Cell Responses: Implications for Adaptive Immunity"