Festival of Teaching and Learning

2021 Festival of Teaching and Learning

The Festival of Teaching and Learning is an annual event where all members of the University of Alberta teaching and learning community can share, demonstrate, explore, and debate diverse approaches to university teaching, with the goal of enhancing the teaching and learning environment across the institution.

As this past year has been a unique, exciting, and challenging time of transition in teaching, join us as we share creative and innovative teaching online strategies.

The Festival will run over the course of 5 weeks (June 7 - July 8). Each week will consist of a mix of asynchronous and synchronous sessions. Asynchronous video presentations will be released in early June for viewing prior to the live Q&A sessions. Synchronous sessions are live presentations with a Q&A to follow.

This years keynote address "The Post-COVID Teaching Environment" will be delivered by Alex Usher, Founding President of Higher Education Strategy Associates.