Library Learning: Using the New Reading List Service

It is now easier than ever to keep your reading list materials organized thanks to a new service provided by the University of Alberta Library, powered by Talis Aspire. CTL staff have collaborated with the Library to bring you a special series to walk you through the many benefits of this system for both instructors and students.

Library Reading List Guide

University of Alberta Library Reading List Service

Part 1 (video): Introduction to the Course Materials and Reading List Service

Includes an overview of the program and why you would want to use it as well as a demonstration of adding the bookmark tool to your browser. 

After watching the video, it is recommended that you register for the reading list service and - add the bookmark tool to your browser.

Part 2 (video): Creating your Reading List

This video will cover creating your list and dividing it into sections as well as an explanation of sections, notes, and references. Note: Prior to watching this session it is recommended that you:

Part 3 (video): Integrating Your Reading List into eClass

Peanut Butter and Jelly. Tacos and Tuesdays. Reading List and eClass. They work fine on their own but they’re better together. Attend the webinette to find out why! Note: Reading lists may also be accessed on their own or inserted into other Learning Management Systems such as TWEN.

Part 4 (video): Reading List Analytics

Learn about how reading list analytics can provide insights on student engagement and how to use statistics to help improve your reading list.