Creating Rubrics

Creating a rubric is helpful for both the students and the instructors as it provides guidance on what evidence is required in order to be successful in an assessment. Rubrics should be an expansion of one or more learning outcome.

Creating Effective Rubrics

This video will explore: What a rubric is? What types of rubrics exist? What to consider during creation? When to share your rubric? and the benefits rubrics provide. Watch here

How to Create Rubrics for Assignments

In this video, Ellen Watson, educational developer, explains how she created an analytic rubric including criteria selection, creating weightings and values, and writing descriptors for each level for criteria. Watch here

Using Rubrics to Grade Assignments Using eClass
Writing a Single Point Rubric

In this video, Ellen Watson, educational developer, shows her process for creating a single point rubric from a written assignment description and course learning outcomes. Watch here