Pedagogical Strategies for Online Final Assessments

This series of five resources is designed as a "one-stop shop" for your final assessment needs. Whether you're trying to create an effective online closed-book exam, an open-book quiz on eClass, or considering an alternative to a traditional exam, information within these five resources will have you heading in the right direction.

  1. Watch CTL's Before You Decide on a Mode for Your Final Exam: Things you should know. This video will give you some foundational information on assessment which can help you identify the method which works best for you and your course.

  2. After watching this video, study this infographic which identifies independent and common modes of assessment for each learning dimension.


  3. You can read about how to create and deliver an effective closed-book exam (as well as what to do after the exam is over) by reading CTL's Pedagogical Strategies for an Online Closed-Book Exam document.

  4. If you'd like to consider a different option from the traditional closed-book exam, watch CTL's video on Alternatives to a Closed-Book Exam. You'll learn about some often ignored but just as effective ways to assess your students' skills and knowledge.

  5. If you're still set on having an exam but you're unsure how to reduce academic integrity violations, it's worth watching CTL's webinette on Pedagogical Strategies for an Open-Book Exam