Remote Teaching

As an instructor you may be planning to move one or more courses to a fully online/remote mode. It may be helpful to think about the process like baking a cake. You prepare and mix the ingredients before you put them in the oven. You then implement the baking process (put the cake in the oven). When the cake is ready, you assess how well the the preparation and implementation worked (usually by eating the cake) and reflect on how you could improve the preparation and implementation for next time.

In each of the following 4 sections (Preparation, Implementation, Assessment, Reflection) you will find meaningful resources to support EDI and Indigenous perspectives in your course design and attribute open resources. Opportunities to learn about and examine learning outcomes to help you to plan, teach, and assess learning are provided. Discover key tools and functions of eClass and Zoom and learn best practices for synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning. Finally, explore CTL’s Effective Teaching Framework to learn what and how to reflect on your teaching. There are also strategies for actions to take after you have reflected to support you as you demonstrate continuous professional development.u as you demonstrate continuous professional development.