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Centre for Teaching and Learning Teaching+ podcast dives into issues facing post-secondary instructors.

Episode 2: Teaching Remotely Series - Assessment and Active Learning with Lisa Stein

In this episode, CTL instructional designer, Jordan Long, and senior educational developer, Ellen Watson, discuss the move to teaching online with microbiologist, Dr. Lisa Stein. Lisa discusses assessment and active learning in the world of remote teaching. Listen here

For CTL's resources about remote teaching, visit: https://ctl.guide/remoteteaching

Episode 1: Teaching Remotely Series - Adventures in Joy with Billy Strean

In this episode, CTL instructional designer, Jordan Long, and senior educational developer, Ellen Watson, discuss the move to teaching online with 3M award winner, Dr. Billy Strean. Billy enlightens us on being human and how we might connect when we teach online. Listen here.

To find Billy, visit: https://www.adventuresinjoy.com/

For CTL's resources about remote teaching, visit: https://ctl.guide/remoteteaching

Episode 20: Gender Pronouns, Teaching and Learning, and Cultures of Respect

In this episode, Educational Developers Jennifer Ward and Ellen Watson are joined by queer-pedagogue Tommy Mayberry of St. Jerome's University. Tommy discusses the use of pronouns (and other strategies) that we can use to connect our classrooms to our students. Listen here.

Episode 19: Oral Exams in Undergraduate Courses

In moving to online learning spaces, oral examinations are an option many are curious about exploring. In this episode, Dr. Brian Rempel, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Ingrid Urberg, Associate Professor of Scandinavian Studies, and Dr. Shauna Wilton, Associate Professor of Social Sciences, all share their experiences using oral examinations in their courses and offer advice to those wanting to explore using oral exams in their courses. Listen here.

Episode 18: How to Interview Students About Academic Integrity Violations

Cosette Lemelin and Roger Graves talk about The Talk: how should instructors go about conducting and interview with a student about a possible, probable, or even blatant academic integrity violation? We identify strategies and profile four different kinds of strategies students tend to use when they arrive for these conversations. Listen here.

This episode is also available on the Teaching Writing: Ideas and Strategies podcast.

Episode 17: Experiences of Rapid Transition
In this podcast, Alex Gainer, associate lecturer in the Faculty of Arts at the U of A, discusses his experience of rapidly transitioning his courses to online delivery in the Winter 2020 term. In reflecting, Alex offers insights on what he has learned from the experience. Listen here.
Episode 16: Academic Integrity in Online Teaching Environments: What Do Instructors Need to Know?

In this episode, Dr. Roger Graves and Ellen Watson, Senior Educational Developer, discuss how instructors might promote academic integrity (and prevent infractions) in their courses while teaching online. Listen here.

This podcast is published in conjunction with a blog of the same title on The Quad and also available as an episode with the Teaching Writing: Ideas and Strategies podcast.

Episode 15: Developing More Authentic Graduate Classroom Assessments…Taking Risks and Enhancing Learning

Creating authentic classroom assessments are necessary for students to make more practical connections to their learning. We know that the use of performance assessments of experiential learning exercises tends to be less common in graduate classrooms and we don’t think it should be. In this episode, we discuss the experiences of an innovative-thinking instructor and how he went about developing and successfully implementing a four-day experiential learning exercise and performance assessment. His exercise focused on students applying the understandings of the Incident Command System team for the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry emergency response team to a realworld scenario about a Salmonella outbreak originating from a hatchery. We even get to hear a little about what happened in the classroom and from two observers who were present during the exercise. We are fortunate to have the instructor Dr. Simon Otto from the School of Public Health and a masters-level graduate student from his class Aleksandra Tymczak for our discussion today. Listen here.

Episode 14: Addressing Racism in the Classroom

In this episode, Dr. Cathryn van Kessel from Secondary Education and Jennifer Ward and Ellen Watson from the CTL talk about how instructors might promote community by addressing potentially harmful comments made by students (especially those related to the COVID 19 pandemic). Listen here.

More information on Dr. van Kessel's work regarding this topic is availble on the Open Education Alberta "The Grim Educator" webpage.

Episode 13: Metacognition in the Classroom

Post-secondary instructors are not only charged with teaching students content but, also, how to learn within their discipline. Dr. Greg Thomas, Professor of Secondary Education, discusses how instructors might begin to tap into learners' awareness and understanding of their own thought processes (a.k.a. their metacognition). In conversation with Dr. Neil Haave, Associate Director at the CTL, Dr. Thomas provides instructors some concrete suggestions they can begin to try in their own classrooms. Listen here.

Anyone interested in further learning about metacognition can access a bibliography on it at

  1.  https://doi.org/10.7939/r3-t5ay-w140 or
  2. by email request to Dr. Thomas at gthomas1@ualberta.ca
Episode 12: Improv-ing Teaching
In this podcast, Educational Developer Graeme Pate speaks with Microbiology professor, Dr. Lisa Stein, about the benefits (and the scary side) of using improv in her post-secondary classroom. Listen here.
Episode 11: Preventing Boredom in the Classroom
Banishing boredom in classrooms might be seen as an elusive goal. We know that banishing boredom takes both instructors and students, but what are some ways to begin? In this episode, we discuss common sources of boredom and explore strategies for banishing with Cheryl Poth from the CTL and Lia Daniels, Director of the Alberta Consortium for Motivation and Emotion in the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta. Listen here.
Episode 10: Teaching Observations
Teaching observations are a great way to get another set of eyes on your teaching. In this episode of Teaching+, Educational Developers Cosette Lemelin and Ellen Watson chat with Dr. Melissa Li Sheung about her recent teaching observation with the CTL. Listen here.
Episode 9: Using Student Feedback
In this episode, we talk to Dr. Lisa White about using student feedback throughout a course to evaluate how student's feel about the course material, how to improve the course, and how the immediacy of the information helps change the course in real time. Listen here.
Episode 8: Gender Inclusive Classrooms

In this Teaching Plus podcast, Educational Developer Cosette speaks with Katie (who uses the pronouns she and her) and Rachel (who uses the pronouns she and they) about best strategies for creating teaching and learning environments that are welcoming and supportive of all genders and members of the LGBTQ+ communities. Cosette specifically asks them to discuss the use of pronouns in teaching and learning interactions. Listen here.


Episode 7: Teaching Dossiers
The teaching portfolio is becoming increasingly used across Universities in North America as a way to reflect on (and evaluate) teaching. Whether you are starting your first portfolio, or looking to revise, Drs. Janice Miller-Young and John Nychka have some great advice for you in this episode of Teaching+. Listen here.
Episode 6: The Teaching Institute

n this episode, CTL Academic staff Graeme Pate, Educational Developer, and Dr. Neil Haave, Associate Director, describe the new Teaching Institute being hosted by the University of Alberta Centre for Teaching and Learning. Listen here.

Some useful links for this podcast include:

Episode 5: Creating a Rapport with Your Students
Dr. David Chorney, Associate Professor in Secondary Education, joins the Centre of Teaching and Learning's Director, Janice Miller-Young, in a conversation about creating (and maintaining) a positive rapport with your students. Listen here.
Episode 4: Teaching Philosophies
In this podcast, we are featuring a recording made for our colleague podcast "Teaching Writing: Ideas and Strategies" produced by Roger Graves. In this episode, Roger and Cosette Lemelin discuss writing teaching philosophies just in time for preparing for faculty evaluations! Listen here.
Episode 3: Resistance to Active Learning
Tried active learning in your class only to have students scoff at the idea? Don't give up hope! Cosette Lemelin and Neil Haave both academic staff at the UAlberta CTL sit down with Dr Maryellen Weimer, professor emerita of teaching and learning at Penn State Berks to discuss the use of active learning in the post-secondary classroom. Listen here.
Episode 2: Two-Stage Exams
Exams are a pretty common practice in post-secondary courses. Typically, exams consist of students showing what they know in a quiet room by individually writing an exam, but what if we thought of them differently? Carla Starchuk, an instructor with the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta, joins Ellen Watson, Educational Developer at the CTL, to talk about her exams that take place in two phases - individual and group. Curious? Listen here.
Episode 1: Multifaceted Evaluation of Teaching

Assessing our teaching can be a sticky and sensitive task. We know that we will receive anonymous student evaluations (USRIs at UAlberta) each year, but is this enough to really show the level of teaching? The UAlberta policies indicate that we should be assessing students using a multifaceted approach an, increasingly, there is discussion about assessing teaching the same way, but what does that mean?

In this episode, we discuss a multifaceted approach to evaluating teaching with the help of Keith King and Vice Provost of Learning Initiatives, Sarah Forgie. Listen here.

Trailer: Introduction to Teaching Plus
In this episode, we will enter begin our educational journey of enhancing your teaching through this podcast. Listen here.

Open Educational Resources (OER) Week 2020 Podcasts

OER Episode 1: OER & Copyright
Interested in Open Educational Resources (OER) but worried about what you can and cannot use or share? This podcast may help! In this special episode (part 1 of 3 celebrating OER week 2020), Amanda Wakaruk, Copyright Librarian at the University of Alberta, shares advice on using OER materials and explains a bit about the copyright behind OER. Listen here.
OER Episode 2: Creating an Open Textbook
In this special episode (part 2 of 3 celebrating OER week 2020), Tino Villatoro, shares his experiences with creating an Open Textbook for his students to explore Medical Laboratory Sciences! Listen here.
OER Episode 3: From the Student's Perspective
In this final episode of our series celebrating Open Educational Resource Week 2020, Joel Agarwal, VP Academic for the University of Alberta Students' Union, discusses the benefits of using OER in the classroom from a student perspective. Listen here.