Share Your Ideas

Woman contemplates ideas using AI tools and their neural networks.

As we at CTL work towards identifying best pedagogical practices for AI use. CTL values and appreciates instructors’ voices and inputs on using Generative AI tools (such as GPT-4 and Midjourney) in teaching and your students’ experiences with Generative AI.

If you are interested, you can share your suggestions, experiences, and feedback with us.

We encourage you to share your stories with us directly via email

Briefly describe for us if/how you decided to deal with AI in your course(s). Did you integrate AI tools in your courses? What tools did you use? Did you use AI as teaching/learning tools? Did you modify formative and summative assessment tasks to either integrate AI or mitigate the risk of inappropriate student conduct? What else?

We will be happy to follow up to learn more as you’re willing to share.