Simon Fraser University

Examples of courses offered at Simon Fraser University that satisfy our prerequisites are listed below. This list was composed in July of 2008, and updated March 2018. Please check with the university for prerequisites, restrictions, program requirements, and recent changes to course listings.

Please note that unless two courses are to be taken in sequence, students are not required to take all of the courses named on this list. Students should take AT LEAST one of the courses listed under each of the prerequisite categories (for a total of 7 prerequisite courses).

*NOTE* Prerequisite courses that were previously listed can still be used for credit as long as students were registered in the course prior to March 2018.

LING 851 - Research Techniques and Experimental Design
PSYC 210 - Introduction to Data Analysis in Psychology
PSYC 410-4 - Research Design I
STAT 101 - Introduction to Statistics (renumbered to 201)
STAT 201 - Statistics for the Life Sciences

Child Development or Developmental Psychology
PSYC 250-3 - Introduction to Developmental Psychology

Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 221-3 - Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
COGS 100 - Exploring the Mind

Neuroanatomy or Neuropsychology
LING 415 - Neurolinguistics
LING 811 - Neurolinguistics
PSYC 280-3 - Introduction to Biological Psychology

Introductory Linguistics
LING 220-3 - Introduction to Linguistics

Articulatory Phonetics
LING 330-3 - Phonetics

Child Language Development, Child Language Acquisition or First Language Acquisition
LING 350-3 - First Language Acquisition

Upon admittance to the program, all students must complete an Indigenous History in Canada Course
(* if you choose not to take the Indigenous Canada MOOC certificate course online and have taken a course prior to admission)
FNST 201 - Canadian Aboriginal People's Perspectives on History
PSYC 106 D100 - Indigenous Peoples & Psychology