University of Alberta

Including Augustana Campus and Campus Saint-Jean

Examples of courses offered at the University of Alberta that satisfy our prerequisites are listed below. This list was composed in July of 2008, and updated September 2018. Please check with the university for prerequisites, restrictions, program requirements, and recent changes to course listings, Augustana Campus (Camrose), and Campus Saint-Jean.

Courses beginning with AU are offered through Augustana Campus (Camrose). Course descriptions written in French are offered through Campus Saint-Jean.

Please note that unless two courses are to be taken in sequence, students are not required to take all of the courses named on this list. Students should take AT LEAST one of the courses listed under each of the prerequisite categories (for a total of 7 prerequisite courses).

*NOTE* Prerequisite courses that were previously listed can still be used for credit as long as students were registered in the course prior to March 2018.

AUPSY 213 - Statistical Methods for Psychological Research
AUSTA 153 - Introductory Applied Statistics for Business and Economics
AUSTA 213 - Statistical Methods
AUSTA 215 - Statistical Methods for the Natural Sciences
PTHER 352 - Introductory Statistics for Health Care Professionals (online)
STAT 252 - Introduction to Applied Statistics II

Child Development or Developmental Psychology
AUPSY 256 - Developmental Psychology
EDPY 302 - Learning and Development in Childhood (previously EDPY 402 Child Development for Educators)
PSYCO 223 - Lifespan Developmental Psychology (previous course title: Developmental Psychology)
PSYCE 223 - Psychologie de la croissance
PSYCO 323 - Infant and Child Development (previous course title: Perceptual and Cognitive Development)

Cognitive Psychology
PSYCO 258 - Cognitive Psychology
PSYCE 258 - Psychologie cognitive
PSYCO 354 - Foundations of Cognitive Science
PSYCO 357 - Language Processing

Neuroanatomy or Neuropsychology
ANAT 401 - Human Neuroanatomy
AUPSY 275 - An Introduction to the Brain and Nervous System
AUPSY 303 - Physiological Psychology Seminar
NEURO 375 - Functional Neuroanatomy
PHYSL 372 - Systems Neuroscience
PSYCO 275 - Brain and Behavior
PSYCE 275 - Cerveau et comportement
PSYCO 475 - Biological Bases of Behavior

Introductory Linguistics
AULAN 101 - Introduction to Linguistic Analysis (previously AULAN 200 - Introduction to Language)
LING 101 - Introduction to Linguistic Analysis. This course will be offered online twice a year (winter and summer) starting the Winter 2017 term.
LINGQ 200 - Introduction à l'étude du langage

Articulatory Phonetics
LING 205 - Phonetics (on campus or online)

Child Language Development, Child Language Acquisition or First Language Acquisition
AUPSY 471 - Language Acquisition
CSD 211 - Language Development in Children and Adolescents (online only)
EDPY 472 - Introduction to Language Development
LING 319 - Child Language Acquisition (on campus or online).
Note: Students cannot receive credit for both CSD 211 & LING 319.

Upon admittance to the program, all students must complete an Indigenous History in Canada Course
(* if you choose not to take the Indigenous Canada MOOC certificate course online and have taken a course prior to admission)

AUHIS 369 - History of Canada's Aboriginal Peoples
AUIND 201 - Introduction to Indigenous Studies
EDU 211 - Aboriginal Education and Contexts for Professional and Personal Engagement
NS 111 - Contemporary Perspectives in Native Studies
NS 200 - Aboriginal Canada: Looking Forward/Looking Back (in person)
NS 201 - Aboriginal Canada: Looking Forward/Looking Back (online)