CMPUT 603 - Teaching and Research Methods


Both developers and researchers in Computing Science work to make computing systems faster, smaller, cheaper, simpler to use, and more fun - researchers are also often interested in the limits to which such system properties can be taken. While the object of a developer effort is the artifact or the computing system produced, a computing scientist is concerned with discovering new ways to build such systems and artifacts, and on reporting to the research community on her findings.

Thus, presenting and disseminating results is as important as arriving at them for the success of a scientist career. CMPUT 603 covers both the most often encountered research methodologies in Computing Science and the dissemination techniques that a computing scientist should master.


  • Know how the process of publishing papers in peer-reviewed conferences works
  • Be able to write papers, review them and prepare rebuttals to reviewer comments
  • Understand ethical issues related to research and graduate school life

Course Work

  • Papers
  • Reviews
  • Presentations
  • Participation