Technical Support


Documentation is being added as it is updated. If you cannot find documentation here that you would like to see, send a note to the Help Desk.

IST Help Desk

Students, faculty and staff of the Department have access to the IST Help Desk as a resource for you if you have any questions or concerns about any of the services or facilities in Computing Science.

Phone: (780) 492-9400
Live Chat/Website:

Phones and Live Chat are available Monday - Friday, 07:30 - 18:00.

Problem Reporting

If you need to report an urgent problem, please phone (780) 492-9400. Alternately, if the matter does not require immediate attention, you can email to have your request added to the queue (this way, your problem will be addressed by the appropriate Team as quickly as possible).

Remember to include the following, as completely and accurately as possible:

  • A description of the problem - more details are better than too few.
  • All error messages.
  • What machine you had the problem on and which lab the problem seems to occur in. It is helpful to mention whether it is only your computer that is having problems or the problem affects the entire lab.
  • If applicable, tell us where the pertinent files are located or point us to a sample file that causes the problem to occur.

After Hours

If there are system problems after hours that require immediate attention, such as multiple lab users cannot login, the department networks are not available, etc., please phone the IST After Hours operations number (780) 492-9400 (use the prompt to transfer to IST Operations On Call). Please describe the problem with as much detail as possible to the operator. The operator will consult with available system analysts to determine if the problem must be fixed before the next business day.

Holiday Service

During holiday periods, such as Christmas and Easter, the availability of the help desk services will vary from the norm. For these periods expect to see this page updated with the appropriate information.

Special Needs

Be sure to contact us to discuss your situation and how we can help. Please also be aware that Accessibility Resources is a campus-wide office dedicated to improving accessibility for all students.