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Printing FAQs

Where can I find information about how to print from various operating systems in Computing Science?
See the following pages for info about how to print from Windows, Macintosh OS X and UNIX/Linux.

Where can I find instructions for downloading the Xerox Workcentre 5755 driver?
If you wish to install a driver for the new Xerox Workcentre 5755 copier/printers see the following link for instructions on how to download the drivers: Xerox Workcentre.

Where can I find information about printers, printer models and drivers in the Department?
Please see the Printer List for a list of printers available and what drivers to use.

On a Department UNIX/Linux system you can do a lpoptions -l -p<printer_name> to see information on printers in the department (not including the drivers to use from Windows and the OS 10.x for those printers).

Where can I check the status of the print queues online?
At present you cannot check the status of a print queue online. (August 27, 2010 - G.H.A.)

Printing etiquette

Be there

  • Please come and pick up your job, don't let it clutter up the print room.

Printing of large or long jobs

  • Please do not print long jobs during prime hours (i.e. 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Mon - Fri). Long jobs can be jobs with many pages of output, (i.e. more than about 50 pages), or they can be several short jobs that are all submitted at the same time, which total the same number of pages. Both are equally monopolistic. Long jobs can also be a few pages of complex images which take an unconscionably long time to process.
  • Please print these jobs in the evening or on the weekend or break it up into smaller jobs so you don't monopolize the printer. Don't submit a whole bunch of jobs all at once, that has the same effect as one long job. Wait a decent amount of time between jobs so that others have an opportunity to get theirs in.

No paper

  • When a printer runs out of paper please refill it.
  • Paper should be in the public printings rooms, if there is none please go to the main office and ask who you should inform. You could also ask for a package to fill your immediate needs.
  • The paper trays on all of the public printers (i.e. cs228, ath126, ath224, etc.) and many of the private ones are built to accept an entire package of the 20 lb paper. Please do not leave partial packages lying around.

Toner low

  • When the toner is getting low a 'Toner Low' message is displayed on the printers console panel. The actual message varies with the printer model. Send a message to the Helpdesk to have the cartridge replaced. Unfortunately, during non-working hours, there may not be anyone around to get your message and the cartridge may not always be changed in a timely fashion. In this case it is recommended to use another printer.

Keep the print room tidy

  • When you take jobs out of the output hopper arrange them so that others user's can find their jobs.
  • When filling the paper tray remember that most printers, but not all, will take an entire ream of paper in their trays. Use the whole package.
  • When feasible one should use the lpr -h option which suppresses the banner page. It saves paper. Consider that if you have a lot of one page jobs, non use of the -h option doubles the amount of paper used. Unfortunately this is currently not possible when printing from Windows or a Mac nor is it recommended for a high use, public printer during peak hours. It is the only way other people have of separating your job from the stack.

Printing should be work related

  • Department printers are for work related printing only, not for personal items or interests. For personal jobs, you can print at one of the libraries, SUB Print, or at home.