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NSERC Students

We provide automatic top-ups to our students entering with an NSERC scholarship.


Why Choose the University of Alberta?

The University of Alberta has earned the reputation as being one of the best universities in Canada based on our strengths in teaching, research, services, and athletics.

M.Sc. Program Ph.D. Program


Working With Great People

Our faculty are internationally recognized leaders in areas that span the complete spectrum of modern Computing Science. Direct involvement with leading edge research permeates the content of our courses and your classroom experience.

Department of Computing Science faculty members:

  • are friendly and accessible
  • work with state-of-the-art research equipment and laboratory facilities
  • are supported by professional technical experts
  • work in an excellent research environment with researchers from around the world
  • perform ground-breaking research activities

Research Resources

Graduate students in our programs also have:

  • a superb research environment
  • flexibility in choosing a supervisor as well as a research area
  • ample opportunities for interdisciplinary studies
  • interaction with industrial organizations and academic experts both within and outside their chosen discipline
  • research involvement that intensifies through the course of the program

Research Achievements

Faculty and graduate students are constantly working to advance Computing Science by making important contributions to the field. We have received numerous accolades for the research done by our faculty and graduate students. Recently members of our department have: 

  • Solved checkers
  • Built systems to assist senior living centres
  • Won the Supercomputing Cluster Challenge
  • Won the first man-machine poker tournament
  • Earned the IBM research group of the year award
  • Placed highly in the ACM programming competition
  • Been inducted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
  • Been awarded the Governor General's Gold Medal for graduate student research

Other Graduate Computing Programs

In addition to the research areas listed, there is also the opportunity to explore a graduate specialization in Statistical Machine Learning (a joint program with Mathematical and Statistical Sciences) as well as a course-based M.Sc. with a specialization in Multimedia.

We also offer some unique graduate programs in cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering (MINT) and the Faculty of Arts (HUCO).

Computing Science Centre Tours

If you are planning to visit campus on your own you are welcome to stop by the Department of Computing Science to check out our facilities. We can also arrange for you to be taken on a brief department tour hosted by one of the members of our Computing Science Grad Students' Association (CSGSA). Please let us know in advance about your visit by contacting our graduate student advisor at

Department Funded Visits

Academically outstanding students may apply for funds to cover a trip to visit our department, if you are:

  • currently finishing your degree at a North American university
  • in the top 5% of applying students.

You will visit our research labs, and talk to faculty and graduate students. There are limited funds available for this purpose, so if you are considering our program, please complete your application as soon as possible. Contact us at
for further details about this opportunity.

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