Programs and Admissions

Choosing Computing Science for a dynamic career

We are changing the way Computing Science is taught. By studying computing science at the University of Alberta, you will acquire technical knowledge and problem-solving skills to create innovative solutions for a wide range of challenges.

Selecting a program

At university, you enroll in a Faculty (such as Arts, Science, Engineering, Business, etc.) and then choose a degree according to your interests which will associate you with a Department (like English, Computing Science, Chemical Engineering, Marketing, etc.). You would then follow your chosen program, consisting of approximately 10 courses a year for 4 years.

At the end of your program, you graduate with a Bachelors degree in your subject area.

Program options

Our programs highlight the interdisciplinary nature of computing and offer you the flexibility to combine your studies in computing science with your other interests.

We offer the following main computing science programs:

Because our program is so flexible, it is a good idea to have your program reviewed and approved by our undergraduate advisor to make sure you are meeting all the requirements for your degree.

Science Internship Program (SIP)

Bachelor of Science students in their third year can apply for the Science Internship Program allowing you to earn a salary while gaining valuable work experience in computing science! Our students have worked with IBM, BioWare, Electronic Arts, SMART Technologies, Intuit, Red Hat and Research in Motion - just to name a few.

Other routes

Transfer into Computing Science

You can transfer into Computing Science from programs in other Faculties if you satisfy Science entrance requirements. For example, the first year Economics program combined with CMPUT 174/175 is essentially the same as 1st year Computing Science. You may also transfer from another program within the Faculty of Science. It is important to talk to an advisor.

After Degree

You can pursue a degree in Computing Science after completing another degree.

BSc after an undergraduate degree

If you graduated with an undergraduate degree from other faculties at the University of Alberta or from other universities, you may pursue a second degree in computing science.

BSc after a BSc from the Faculty of Science at the UofA

If you graduated with a B.Sc. degree from the Faculty of Science, University of Alberta, you may pursue a second B.Sc. degree in Computing Science

Computer Engineering

A four-year program in Computer Engineering is offered jointly by the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering. You apply for admission to the Faculty of Engineering and receive an engineering degree upon completion of the program.