Applications and Admissions


Admission to the Faculty of Science is competitive, and averages may vary by year. Admission averages will be calculated using the 5 required senior high school subjects.

Applying for Undergraduate Admission

Once you have checked the program requirements, you can apply for admission. You may apply online or send in a hardcopy of your application form.

Course Information & Registration

Once you are admitted into your program, you can start building your course load for the year. You can find course listings on Bear Tracks. Look carefully at the prerequisites for courses you would like to take in the future when deciding on your schedule.

Program planning

Remember that you must meet your program's course requirements so it would be wise to review your program planning documents (found on the Honors and Specialization pages) before meeting with an advisor to develop your program. All Honors and Specialization programs in Computing Science require approval by the department.

Registering for courses

After meeting with an advisor, you can begin registering for courses.

  • Course registration typically opens in late-March for continuing students and in April for new students (for the Fall and Winter terms)
  • If you need a hand with registration, get help at Registration 101

Tuition & Fees

Student fees are made up of instructional fees (tuition) along with various health, recreation and service fees. The fee payment deadline is usually at the end of September for the Fall term and at the end of January for the Winter term.

Books & Supplies

Books and other school supplies must be acquired separately and are available at the University Bookstore in the Students' Union Building.