Teaching and Learning

eClass Moodle

eClass powered by Moodle is the Course Management System used by the University of Alberta. You will find that a lot of your courses will have websites in Moodle. There is a link to the eClass login at the top of most university webpages.

ASTEP (Assignment Submission)

The Assignment Submission, Testing and Extraction Program (ASTEP) is a secure electronic assignment submission facility used in the Department to collect and test code submissions and provide feedback to students.

Other Resources




Please note that these are not supported by the system administrators. The Help Desk will try to answer your questions if they can but you may have to find the answers on your own.

  • Git
    Version control for your source files
  • LaTeX, LaTeX Help
    Typesetting system designed for technical and scientific documentation
  • gnuplot
    Command-line graphing utility

Operating Systems


  • Bash
    Default UNIX shell