The Honors in Computing Science program is for exceptional, highly motivated students. It is very flexible, and assumes that you will take responsibility for your studies. You must be comfortable with mathematics, be able to communicate well, and enjoy challenge and intellectual risk.

Planning Your Program

Taking an undergraduate degree requires planning. Each year of your program builds on the previous ones. So if you want to study an advanced topic in your later years, you must plan to build the required background early.

Each degree program has specific requirements that indicate what courses you must take, and what grades you need to remain in the program. Here is a sample program planner.

Once you have a general idea of what you what to do, you must see an advisor who will help you with building your program so that you take the courses you need in the correct order. The advisor can also help you in planning your course load, and creating alternatives in case you change your interests.

Normally, you would take:

These courses are tailored for the abilities of Honors students, and will be a more in-depth introduction to Computing Science. They will also give you credit for a significant part of your second year core courses.

Alternatively, you may take a route that involves CMPUT 174 and 175 in the first year, followed by CMPUT 201 in the second year.