CMPUT 275 - Introduction to Tangible Computing II


CMPUT 274/275 is an experimental 2-course pilot introduction to computer science. It integrates the introductory computing courses (CMPUT 174/175) with the second-year introductory algorithms course (CMPUT 204) and the second year introductory systems course (CMPUT 201).

The course uses a problem-based approach to motivate the concepts and illustrate their application. It will be using the Arduino concrete-computing platform so that students will both become familiar with the typical screen-keyboard-mouse style of computing, but also the kind of embedded computing that is behind the scenes in the many devices that surround us. Delivery is hands-on, with the classes taking place in the lab environment.


  • Students will have covered sufficient content to satisfy the CMPUT 201 and 204 pre-requisites of more advanced computing courses.

Course Work

  • Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Project
  • Final Exam