Multimedia (M.Sc.)


Program requirements and application procedure


Multimedia related research and development have evolved rapidly in the last two decades as the result of technological advances in hardware, software and network infrastructures. While images and videos continue to play a key role in the multimedia pipeline, the latest more dynamic and multi-modal data generated from motion capture, smart sensors, multi-views, haptic devices, 3DTV, etc., have added new challenges in efficient multimedia processing, tasks scheduling, real-time mobile communications, multi-screen and multi-stream synchronization, human computer interaction, big data retrieval, mobile display optimization and so on.

Developing effective strategies to deliver consumer-demanded Quality of Experience (QoE) has become essential in various applications from healthcare to entertainment; such as Tele-medicine, surveillance, education, advertising, games and television. Multimedia has also been integrated into many social media and web applications under the scope of Internet of Things (IoT). This Multimedia Masters Program is intended to enrich students' learning in Multimedia, as well as to discover individual talents and interests, through diverse topics covering theories and applications. The goal is to train high quality personnel who will become successful in their careers in industry or to further their research in academia.

The curriculum covers not only traditional algorithms, but also the latest state-of-the-art research and development, e.g., stereoscopic and multi-view technologies, which, with the support of both hardware and software, has changed the horizon of human viewing experience. Multimedia applications deploying these techniques have expanded from regular desktop screens to large displays in IMAX theatres and household HD television and home entertainment centers, and are gradually impacting the markets of handheld devices. Following the current trend and public interests, it will not be long before multimedia, multi-modal data and multi-view content are easily accessible in a more mobile and virtually connected environment.

With these current and rapidly advancing technologies in mind, the Multimedia Masters (M.Sc.) program is designed for providing a broad coverage of introductory material, as well as more in depth knowledge in selected hot topics which are associated with practical projects.

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Why Multimedia?

The new Multimedia M.Sc. Program will give students the opportunity to spend two terms to complete University of Alberta equivalent courses in a partner organization or R&D group. Our partners include venues abroad in EU or US. One main feature of this program will be the involvement in industrial projects during the second year, which will assist in planning the career directions of enrolled students and establish them in the Multimedia R&D Community. Projects may involve multimedia techniques in games & movies, TV & transmission, medical & rehabilitation, or education & training. Partners of this program will be consulted to define practical R&D topics to meet current and emerging industrial needs.

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How to Apply

To apply, follow the University of Alberta FGSR application process

  • Choose "Computing Science" as the Department
  • From the search results choose "Master of Science (Crse) in Computing Science, Multimedia" as your program