In order to print to a public printer in the Department (e.g. cs228) you will need to obtain a VPN key for your machine if it is not on a research wired network.

This page describes how to set up your Mac to use the Department printers. These instructions were tested on a MacOS X 10.9.5 laptop.


If you are not on a research wired network you will need to authenticate with the CSDept VPN first..

Set up a new printer

  • Choose which printer you are wanting to set up by consulting the list on the TST printers page.
  • Download and install the appropriate driver if required (notably for the Xerox WorkCenters).
  • Click on the Apple > System Preferences > Print & Fax
  • Click the "+" at the bottom of the Printers box, then click "IP"
  • Set Type to "Internet Printing Protocol - IPP"
  • Set Address to <printerName> The printer name will be as shown on the TST printers page.
  • Set the Name and Location as you like (they don't matter for the purposes of printing). You might want to specify that you are setting this printer up via IPP in the Name field as there is no way to determine the printing protocol later.
  • Choose the appropriate print driver from the TST printers page. Don't choose the Generic PostScript Printer as it does not play well with our printers.
  • Another window will pop up called Installable Options.
    • If you are adding an HP Laserjet please ensure that you select the "Duplex Unit" option. All the other options may stay the same.
    • If you are adding a Xerox WorkCenter please set the following options:
      • 4 Trays
      • Office Finisher
  • Click "Add"
  • Congratulations! You have just added a printer for your Mac.