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Department and University licenses

We have access to software?!
Licenses can be purchased through the Department from the OnTheHub Software Catalog. For more information on free and paid software available via IST, visit the IST Software page.

Who do I talk to about getting licenses and installing software?
Please contact the Helpdesk if you are thinking about purchasing or downloading software for a University owned machine. The software may already be available in the Department and you could save yourself money, time and bandwidth.

Alternatively, if you would like a IST member to install the software for you, you can send an email to with your request and you will be added to the waiting list.

DreamSpark (formerly MSDNAA)

What is the MSDNAA?
MSNDAA stands for Microsoft Developer's Network Academic Alliance Program. Membership is by department, not the University of Alberta as a whole. There are many benefits to membership which include the following.

  • Ability to load any number of copies of the products in the MSDNAA subscription on lab machines for instructional and non-commercial research use
  • Students enrolled in department credit courses can download the software to their personal computers for coursework and personal projects
  • Access to a website that provides resources for faculty

Who can use the MSDNAA software?
If you are a staff member of the Department of Computing Science or a student taking at least one credit course from our department you may install the software from the MSDNAA program on your computers. The software must only be used for non-profit purposes which may include teaching, class work, personnel use or non-profit research.

Faculty can also put the software on their office machines or their home machines as long as the use is for non-commercial research or private use. If you will be using the software for commercial use or someone in your home is using the machine for business you must still purchase the software.

How do I get MSDNAA software?
The Microsoft software which Computing Science had access to via the MSDNAA (Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance) is now available through a program called DreamSpark.

The Microsoft software is accessible solely via an online self-serve store:

Beginning in Fall 2015, after the Add/Drop deadline for the term has passed, if you wish to have access and are taking a course in computing science, please visit the CS Helpdesk in CSC 1-32 or contact the IT help desk to request access to Dreamspark. If you require use for a course, you should have your access setup by your instructor at this time.

If you are unable to access your DreamSpark software please contact the IT help desk.

What software is available through the MSDNAA?
Software included in the MSDNAA subscription:

  • All MS operating systems, SDKs, DDKs
  • Visual Studio
  • Visio Professional
  • .NET Enterprise Servers
  • Betas, new releases, updates
  • Development tools for Windows CS
  • MSDN library
  • Knowledge base technical support library

Note: MS Office products are not included in this offer (it is only available for University of Alberta tagged machines identified by a white sticker with a black bar code that says 'University of Alberta') and will still have to be purchased.