Printing & scanning

Using the Xerox Workcentres, you are able to scan documents which are added as PDF or image attachments and emailed to you.

How to scan a document

  1. Press the Services Home button on the machine
  2. Select "Email"
  3. To add recipients
    1. Select "New recipients"
    2. In the Recipient List field, toggle the address book from Internal to Public
    3. Key your CCID into the email address line, then select "Search"
    4. Choose your CCID from the search results and "Add" to the appropriate field (To: Cc: or Bcc:)
    5. Select "New search" to add another recipient, or "Close" when you're finished
  4. Select the "Email options" tab to set your file options
    1. Select "File name" to rename your scanned file, "Save" when you are done
    2. Select "File format" to change the file type (PDF, TIFF, JPG) of your scanned attachement, "Save" when you are done
  5. Press the green Start button to start and send your scan

You should receive an email from the Xerox Workcentre with your scanned file attached.

No Scanner in CSC 2-28

There is no longer a USB scanner attached to the workstation in CSC 2-28. Please use the Xerox printer in this room with the above instructions. This room is accessible to graduate students and researchers only.