Your Web Presence

For Researchers

The Department has a number of webpages that include material related to research.

Research Areas (Departmental Website)

At the top level, our Departmental site houses information on broad topics of research that we call Research Areas. These pages are meant to help direct people to the subject that they are interested in. Each research area is presented as a single page that summarizes the information relevant to this topic, including:

To have your research group site listed under your research area, please contact the webmaster.

Research Groups (Group Managed Website)

Research Groups are actual sets of people working together on projects. They may belong to more than one Research Area. Research Group sites provide more detailed information on the work that they are doing. This may include:

  • A more specific list of group members
  • Project descriptions and information
  • Related publications
  • Group contact info

These sites are maintained by people within the research group. If your group does not currently have its own website but would like to create one, you may want to check out these content management options or contact the webmaster for more information.

Personal Web Presence


Professor Pages

Faculty members can have a profile page in the faculty directory. Options include:

  • The ability to set a "Leave" notice for sabbatical etc.
  • Automatic linking to your current courses (two most recent terms)
  • Adding an event feed via Google Calendar
  • Sections for your Office Hours, CV, About, Links, Research, Teaching and Announcements
  • Integration with social media
  • Documentation from Digital Strategies (GDOC)

You can update your profile by logging into the University content management system with you CCID.

  1. Log in with your CCID
  2. Use the Professor Page Editor to make changes to your profile
  3. Save

Personal Web Space

You are also allocated web space through the Department as well as through the University that you may use for a personal web page. Researchers may consider using this space as their personal portfolio - adding their own projects, publications, awards and CVs.

More about setting up your web space