TA Workshop

The workshop will be structured to encourage useful discussions, build connections between workshop participants and help new graduate students prepare for teaching in laboratories. To this end, part of the workshop time will be devoted to the presentation of teaching guidelines, with the remaining part devoted to semi-structured discussion groups.

Participants will be divided into breakout groups and will be assigned a scenario or questions  for discussion and resolution. Each breakout group will be facilitated by an experienced teaching assistant.

Workshop Schedule

Time Activity


Get settled
Pick up name tag, pick a seat, etc.


Intro to Teaching Labs


Pick up pizza and start group discussions
The workship attendees participate in semi-structured discussion groups, one per table. Discussion will be based on student scenarios assigned to each group.


Discussion group wrap-up
Each group concludes by preparing a "mini-report" that summarizes the discussion: positions, opinions, common themes, solutions, challenges.


Discussion group reports
Representatives of the discussion groups present their reports to all the workshop attendees. Comments from everyone welcome.


Free format discussion/questions
Can extend time by 15 min if required.


Workshop evaluation