Martha White awarded 2020 IEEE AI's 10 to Watch

Congratulations to Associate Professor Martha White for being selected as one of 10 top candidates for the 2020 IEEE AI's 10 to Watch!

01 November 2020

Martha White is awarded the 2020 IEEE AI's 10 to Watch. IEEE Intelligent Systems has long helped promote young aspiring AI scientists via its biennial "AI's 10 to Watch" special section.

From the IEEE Intelligent Systems article: "The 2020 group consists of 10 young stars who have demonstrated outstanding AI achievements. In April 2020, IEEE Intelligent Systems called for nominations worldwide, with the requirement that nominees with doctorates must have received their PhDs since 2014. The selection committee, made up of IEEE Intelligent Systems editorial and advisory board members, finally had to select from a pool of 20+ highly competitive nominations. After a careful and detailed selection process, they voted on a short list of 10 top candidates. This final selection was based on scientific quality, reputation, impact, expert endorsement, and diversity. The vote for the final winners was unanimous.

"Martha White works on reinforcement learning, with a particular emphasis on extending temporal difference methods (e.g., off-policy learning; improved stepsize selection). She has also made contributions to (convex) optimization for semisupervised and unsupervised learning."

IEEE Intelligent Systems is a bi-monthly peer-reviewed academic journal published by the IEEE Computer Society. As the oldest IEEE AI periodical, IEEE Intelligent Systems has been a leader in AI theory, development, and best practices for over 35 years. The magazine envisages the trends, directions, opportunities, and future of AI and intelligent systems.

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