Updates for the U of A community for the week ending September 4

This week’s edition includes: Safety measures updates, information about asymptomatic testing, guidance for facilitating new research staff member orientation, a guide to what's open on campus, and a reminder to minimize your time on campus.

04 September 2020

Posted: September 4, 4:30 p.m.

Updates to campus safety measures

The U of A Safety Measures General Directives have been updated. Changes include updated approval processes for outdoor events, information on the Here@UAlberta campus check-in tool, and developments in our university-wide Rapid Response Plan. The Return to Campus Plan Template has also been revised.

Orientation and training of new research staff members

To help facilitate new research staff member orientation and training (including students and postdocs) during COVID-19, a summary guide is now posted on the COVID-19 website research section.

University Health Centre Pharmacy offering asymptomatic testing 

Any person who wants to be tested for COVID-19 can now be tested, even if they don't have symptoms. The Chief Medical Officer of Health encourages onsite teachers and school-based staff to proactively get tested for COVID-19 regularly throughout the year. Some pharmacies in Alberta now offer testing to people who have no symptoms and no known exposure to COVID-19, including the University Health Centre Pharmacy. If you have symptoms or known exposure to COVID-19, you must stay home and book your test with AHS.

What's open on campus

Classes started up this week, and campus life has resumed to some extent. Most employees continue to work remotely, and most courses are online. However, some buildings, businesses, and services on campus have re-opened. If you are coming to campus this fall, read this guide for the information you need to know about the buildings that are open and how you can access them.

Reminder: minimize your time on campus

If you are going to be on campus for an in-person class or to access an in-person service, remember to review the Campus Safety checklist and video. Check to see if the service you are visiting requires you to book an appointment or reserve a spot in advance. You should minimize your time on campus and be there only for as long as necessary. 

Campus is tempting this time of year. However, all faculty, students, and staff who need to work in or visit a campus office space on a one-time or occasional basis must continue to seek approval from their direct supervisor for every visit. Thank you for doing your part to keep our community as safe as it can be. 

Updated procedure: COVID-19 on U of A campuses

The U of A Rapid Response Team has streamlined their information. Now is a good time to review this U of A emergency procedure and what you should do this fall if you become sick.

Bookmark the Campus Life webpage for quick access to the information you’ll need to make this semester a success.