Case or Outbreak of COVID-19 on U of A Campus

Updated October 9, 2020 (New resource added: Health Screening Guide)

The purpose of the Rapid Response Plan is to mitigate against a case or an outbreak of COVID-19 on any of the university’s campuses or among any of its activities. It works by activating a team of trained case managers (the U of A COVID-19 Triage Team), who work closely with members of our community who may have been exposed to COVID-19, any associated academic and administrative departments, and Alberta Health Services (AHS). 

Team members communicate with affected individuals to gather information and offer assistance and guidance on managing their particular case; they work with departments on any necessary infection control actions; and they work with AHS on contact tracing or any other requirements AHS may identify.

The Rapid Response Plan is activated when the university becomes aware that a member of the university community, based on specific symptoms or history, is legally required to self-isolate, or has a confirmed case of COVID-19.

How the plan is activated

  1. A student or staff member uses the COVID-19 Self-Assessment for Albertans. If as a result of completing the self assessment, the student or staff member receives the following message in response to their input:  “You must immediately self-isolate. You are recommended to be tested for COVID-19,” they contact one of their instructors or their supervisor as soon as possible. 
  2. The instructor or supervisor, in turn, contacts the Communications Centre at 780-492-5555 to advise them there is a self-isolating staff member or student.
  3. Staff from the Communication Centre then engage the university’s COVID-19 Triage Team and relay the contact information of the affected individual.
  4. A member of the U of A Triage Team then contacts the individual to offer assistance and guidance on next steps, following AHS directions.
  5. The Triage Team member stays in contact with the affected individual and associated department and AHS as necessary, until the case is resolved.

Procedures for staff and students who are ill

COVID-19 Procedure for Sick Employees

COVID-19 Procedure for Sick Students

Other ways to engage the plan

The Rapid Response Plan will be activated when AHS notifies the university of a confirmed case of COVID-19 among staff, students, contractors or visitors to campus. 

A note about privacy

In Alberta, privacy laws protect the locations of individual cases of COVID-19. Locations of outbreaks in community facilities are reported publicly by the Government of Alberta when there are 5 or more cases. Learn More.

Read the Public Health Response Team message on public information concerning possible cases of COVID-19