Updates for the U of A community, week ending November 5

05 November 2021

Posted: November 5, 2021 at 1:15 p.m.

What to expect for Winter 2022

As of January 2022 at least 90% of U of A courses will be in-person. Up to 10% of courses will remain online to accommodate continuing pandemic impacts, such as travel complications. Course delivery information is available in BearTracks; January program start dates are listed in the University Calendar

Once the provincial work-from-home measure is lifted staff may begin returning to campus according to applicable public health measures and the U of A’s phased return to on-campus work. Information about applying to the optional work from home program will be available on November 15. 

Read President Bill Flanagan’s message about the upcoming semester »

On-campus work units: Update your hazard assessments as needed 

Every work unit is asked to regularly review their local hazard assessments and make any necessary changes to reflect the current provincial public health measures and new U of A requirements for proof of vaccination and masking. Hazard assessments are key to identifying, assessing and controlling workplace hazards such as COVID-19. 

This week Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment updated the Additional Resources posted in the Hazard Assessment and Control section of the Safety Measures General Directives. The Hazard Assessment Frequently Asked Questions were also updated.

General inquiries: U of A Public Health Response Team, phrtinfo@ualberta.ca