Hazard Assessment and Control

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) has identified that COVID-19 is a workplace hazard that must be identified, assessed, and controlled as per the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations, and Code.

The University of Alberta has updated the institutional hazard assessment outlining the hazards and recommended controls associated with the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many controls will remain in place and some will still be available to be used on a personal basis.

As the province of Alberta lifts public health measures and the university returns to full in-person operation, some controls used to minimize the risk become impractical to maintain. Certain controls, such as ventilation will remain in place. Other controls will require community members to be diligent, such as staying home when sick and continuing hand-hygiene practices.

It will be important for all community members to conduct a personal risk assessment and practice behaviours to help keep themselves safe. As an example, masks are no longer required, but individuals may still choose to wear them. A higher level of mask, such as an ASTM medical mask or N95 may be worn to offer personal protection to the wearer. It will also be important for community members to continue to get the appropriate vaccination series as recommended by public health professionals, as vaccines will continue to provide a level of personal risk reduction.