Communication Skills for the Workplace - Certificate

I noticed profound transitions in me, my confidence, and language fluency. I also felt more comfortable talking to my classmates than I did when I started the course. The confidence was more noticeable towards the end of the second course.”

Anar Saju, past student

The Communication Skills for the Workplace (CSW) Certificate is a language-based learning certificate intended for international speakers of English working in the public or private sector, or for individuals looking to increase their employability by building their knowledge of workplace communications and cultural competencies.

This course is designed to prepare participants for interacting in the workplace, while at the same time learning how to communicate effectively and understand how their communication affects others in the workplace. The microcredentials will focus on the acquisition of language skills and competencies, soft skills, and cultural competencies needed for success in the workplace. Topics cover effective communication, professional writing, problem solving, clarity in speech, and more.

This program is intended for non-native English speakers with a minimum CLB Level 5/IELTS score of 5.0. If you’re interested in writing and communications courses for native English speakers, please browse through some of the Faculty of Extension's offerings in the area.

Available to group applicants only.

A program for English as a second language speakers to enhance your soft-skills

Can be completed entirely online

CAD $500 per course – pay as you go

Automatically earn a microcredential badge upon successful completion of each course

Complete 5 courses to earn a University of Alberta Certificate

Includes access to our Student Engagement Centre

Earn a Certificate
in Communication Skills for the Workplace
  • University of Alberta parchment in as little as 1 year
  • Pay as you go

Choose any five courses:

EXELP 7150 - Pronunciation for Effective Communication

This course supports English language learners who want to develop their pronunciation skills for successful interpersonal communication. This course will focus on increasing speech intelligibility, and will draw students' attention to elements of pronunciation that can lead to miscommunication. Students will develop an awareness of their own individual strengths and weaknesses in pronunciation, and will build strategies for expanding their pronunciation skills beyond the classroom.

Course Outline  

EXELP 7077 - Critical Thinking and Vocabulary Building I

Designed for English language learners, this course will help you develop intermediate skills to enhance your reading comprehension, fluency, critical thinking, and vocabulary-building strategies. You will learn how to skim and scan to find information quickly and express your thoughts and opinions about the readings in a clear, organized manner. You will also use digital vocabulary-building tools to recognize and use new words in different situations.

Course Outline

EXELP 7078 - Critical Thinking and Vocabulary Building II

Designed for English language learners, this course will help you develop intermediate skills to enhance your reading comprehension, fluency, critical thinking, and vocabulary-building strategies. Critical reading skills will enable you to challenge reasoning, examine assumptions, and identify biases. You will use textual annotation to learn how to read closely, identify key words and phrases, and have a deeper understanding of new vocabulary.

Course Outline

EXELP 7079 - Persuasive Presentations

Designed for English language learners, this course is for those who want to develop public speaking skills. In these interactive classes, you will acquire tools and strategies for planning and delivering effective, persuasive presentations. The course is focused on concepts of equity, diversity, and inclusion, and will address features of various digital platforms, taking into account audience, presentation purpose, structure, and features of public speaking. You will have opportunities to practice your new skills and to deliver a minipresentation for instructor and peer feedback.

Course Outline

EXELP 7080 - Writing for Professional Communication

Designed for English language learners, this course will help you improve your ability to communicate in writing effectively and professionally. You will develop the writing skills that are necessary to compose clear, concise, and inclusive writing for emailing, texting, and correspondence at work. Topics that will be addressed include format, forms of address, grammar, punctuation, register, vocabulary development, and organization.

Course Outline

EXELP 7119 - Communication Skills for Global Citizens

Designed for English language learners, this course takes a content-based approach to developing oral communication skills. You will learn about the wider global community through the exploration of themes related to history, culture, diversity, sustainability, community engagement, and intercultural communication. You are encouraged to focus on building confidence while interacting with other students on topics of global interest.

Course Outline

EXELP 7081 - Soft Skills for Success

Designed for English language learners, this course will help you develop the language, habits, and attitudes needed to perform effectively in the workplace. You will learn how to deal with conflict, work with others to solve a problem, and analyze relationships to understand how to appropriately interact with co-workers and supervisors.

Course Overview

EXLDR 5620 - Leadership Fundamentals

Leadership is all about building relationships and connecting with people. Reflect on current leadership practices and explore fundamental leadership theories as you discuss different leadership styles and strengths. Identify key planning strategies to lead others toward a shared vision. Identify strategies on how to develop a cohesive, efficient, and effective team. Understand the beliefs and barriers that may hinder the efforts of emerging leaders.

June 8
starts in 2 months
Online learning, synchronous. With Paul Rachmistruk
July 5
starts in 3 months
Online learning, asynchronous.


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Qualifications & Admission
  • Minimum language requirements CLB level 5 or 5.0 IELTS. Participants without a language score may need to take a placement test $CAD80.
Program Plan

Complete any 5 of the 8 courses listed to earn a University of Alberta Certificate. Earn a micro-credential badge for each course taken.

You can register for a course without applying and enrolling in the program.

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Once you are admitted, you can verify your program requirements by logging into the University of Alberta’s student portal, Bear Tracks, to view your Academic Advisement.

Applying for Graduation

Submit your request to graduate to obtain your credential, receive a parchment, and (optionally) attend the graduation ceremony. Apply for graduation between November 1 and February 1 via Bear Tracks.

  • If you haven’t previously completed a program application, you must do so in order to qualify for graduation.
  • You must apply for graduation even if you do not plan to attend the ceremony.

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