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New Spring and Fall Term Course Offerings

Educational Policy Studies is pleased to announce two new course offerings for the Spring and Fall 2019 terms. 

Spring 2019 

EDPS 501: Climate Change and its Intersections. Policy, Pedagogy, Practice.

Climate change is the most all-inclusive challenge for humanity in the 21st century. It is particularly significant in the Canadian prairies yet is poorly understood. The objective of this course is to enhance understandings of the science, the politics, and the tensions that shape our collective ability to respond to demands for change, to consider the implications for educators and policy makers, as well as for different and diverse communities. 

May 06-24, 2019 (Three Weeks) / Monday through Friday, 9:00 - 11:25 am

Instructor: Professor Makere Stewart-Harawira

Fall 2019

EDPS 401: Multicultural and Anti-Racism Education

This course examines theoretical, pedagogical, and applied aspects of multicultural and anti-racism education with a focus on how race, ethnicity, colonialism, and diversity shape equity within school systems and the communities they serve. 

Tuesday and Thursday, 12:30 - 1:50 pm

Instructor: Professor Alexandre Da Costa

Professor Dia Da Costa joins Research at the Intersections of Gender

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Dia Da Costa on her new role as the Associate Director of Research at the Intersections of Gender (RIG)!

Dia da Costa is Professor of Social Justice and International Studies in the Faculty of Education. Her research focuses on state violence, development discourses, and resistance in contemporary India. She is the author of Politicizing Creative Economy: Activism and a Hunger called Theatre (University of Illinois Press, 2016) and Development Dramas: Reimagining Rural Political Action in Eastern India (Routledge, 2009). Her recent research focuses on the ways in which South Asian communities in Canada name, challenge, and reproduce colonial state violence.

March 28, 2019 is the official launch of RIG. The highlight of the full day of programs will be the keynote by Dr. Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro (UCLA) (12:30 pm to 2:00pm).

Announcement of a specialization in Social Justice and International Studies in Education

The Department of Educational Policy Studies Announces a specialization in Social Justice and International Studies in Education (SJI), effective July 2018. This specialization focuses on the theoretical, philosophical, and ideological underpinnings of education as well as the social and cultural contexts in which education takes place. SJI is available for the M.Ed. and PhD programs.