Graduate Course

David & Joan Lynch School of Engineering Safety & Risk Management

ENGG 694 - Advanced Studies in Engineering Safety and Risk Management

ENGG 694 explores loss incidents in Alberta cause a staggering number of injuries and fatalities: there are nearly 150,000 injury claims every year; 28,000 of these injuries cause time lost from the job; and one worker is killed every 9 days. The last decade alone (2005-2014) totaled ~$6.7 billion in costs and claim payments. It is estimated that as much as 4% of annual worldwide GDP (~ US$2.8 trillion) is lost due to the direct and indirect costs of work incidents and diseases. In addition, some of these incidents resulted in harmful leaks and spills to the environment and significant business losses. Reducing the frequency and severity of these incidents would have significant health, social, and economic benefits for the people of Alberta.

CIV E 789 - Advanced Topics in Civil Engineering - Risk Management Principles and Tools

This course presents the principles of risk management as they apply to the design, operation and decommissioning of Civil Engineering and Mining structures and operations. The course is oriented towards the role and responsibility of the engineer in safety performance and the application of Safety Management Systems to control residual risks. This course has been developed for graduate students who have not previously taken ENGG 404.